The GQ Guide to Watches For Men

It is easier than ever to shop for super watches for men. There’s more data about watches inside the form of thriving groups at the internet and Instagram. New, covetable pieces launch with alarming regularity. There is near-typical reputation of the concept that shopping for a vintage men’s watch is as clever a preference—stylistically, financially, and spiritually—as shopping for one sparkling off the meeting line. And there are absolutely extra doorways and shops and webshops and IG accounts in which you may buy your next grail.

But it’s additionally for exactly the ones motives that shopping for an eye fixed can experience harder than it’s ever been. How am I imagined to choose between a Datejust and a Speedmaster? What counts as an awesome investment? Do I really need to understand the difference among quartz and mechanical watches? For the amateur, it is able to often appear like there’s simply an excessive amount of facts about years and references and moves to make a smart name.

We’re happy to say: that’s no longer truely the case. Yes, shopping for a killer watch must be a touch daunting—however handiest due to the fact you’re spending a no longer insignificant amount of your tough-earned money, not as it’s hard to determine out what you like, or why you like it, or whether or not you’re being scammed to your manner to securing it.


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So GQ has assembled this guide to shopping for watches. If you’re looking for your first, we’ve were given you protected. And in case you’re simply looking for your next—well, we’ve got that, too.

The First Choice You Have to Make
From a 30,000 foot view, watches can be broken down Swiss made chronograph into two large categories: get dressed and sports activities watches. Or, as a brand like Rolex calls them: classic as opposed to expert portions. There are exceptions to each category, but dress watches are usually narrow in profile, made with best materials, and generally outfitted with a leather-based strap. A sports watch, in the meantime, usually is available in steel with an identical metallic bracelet, rubber band, or a fabric strap. (Like the navy-born NATO strap—however extra on that later.)

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