GarageBand Windows Alternative – SoundTrap For Windows 10

GarageBand Windows Alternative: Hello friends welcome back to another article and in this post we are going to discuss about one issue that might be puzzling you around. It is true that GarageBand app is only released for IOS and MAC platform. And it has not been released for either Windows or Android as well, but most of the online guides use fake APK and make fool of users who think their guides are true. And to answer that question I have brought the best GarageBand for Windows alternative, which is none other than SoundTrap app. You might have used GarageBand on MAC platform before and if you use SoundTrap then you will feel the same experience.

It is so because SoundTrap app is the same as GarageBand and the both of them has similar features to the very extent of their usage. I have been using this app for making music beats and instrument sounds for a long time and it works like charm. Well the great thing part about this software is that it does not require any expert knowledge because a few tweaks here and there will teach you how to use SoundTrap app to be perfect.


GarageBand Windows Alternative – SoundTrap For Windows 10

SoundTrap App Features – Best GarageBand Android Alternative

So there might be some question that is it really similar to GarageBand and does it work even better than it. To answer that simple let me explain you the working and different features of SoundTrap app because, then it would be prove that it is the best GarageBand For Windows 10 alternative.

  • Another good thing about this application is that it has been released for Windows and Android platform which makes it really useful.
  • If you save your tunes on Windows through your SoundTrap account then you can resume your tunes and beats creation from your Android app using the same account with the help of Cloud service.
  • It has a very basic and simple user interface which might seem dizzy at times but it is perfect for someone who wants to make amazing music and beats all the time.

SoundTrap App Features – Best GarageBand Android Alternative

  • We can choose from different virtual musical instruments like Guitar, Piano, Keyboard, Violin, Flute etc, and add their beats and tunes to the project with just few clicks on the screen.
  • You can basically play all these musical instruments virtually on the screen while recording them as well.
  • It is free which make it even better since you do not have to worry about watermark, sounds to buy or instruments to purchase also.

How To Download SoundTrap For Windows – Download GarageBand For Windows Alternative

So as you have already heard how this app works then its time for me to show you how it can be downloaded. It is quite easy to download SoundTrap app and I have shown the step by step process below for easy understanding.

  1. First open your Windows desktop or laptop and go to “Microsoft Store”
  2. Then go to the search button and click on “SoundTrap”
  3. After that select from the search results and click on the app to continue
  4. Next the SoundTrap app is now shown, click on “Install” or “Download” button
  5. Wait till the process if finished and once it is done you can open the app
  6. Finally SoundTrap app is now installed and it can be used instead of GarageBand for Windows!


Thank you dear friends for taking your precious time to read about this article which is all about how to download GarageBand for Windows using SoundTrapp. Well SoundTrap is the best alternative for GarageBand app in the marker right now and it has amazing features similar to that as well. So if you want to create awesome music and tunes then simple follow our guide and start making beats with SoundTrap app on the go.

Once again thanks for visiting this article and I would appreciate your work if you can share this article with your friends and family as well.

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